everything you are
and everything you were
your number has been called
fights and battles have begun
revenge will surely come
your hard times are ahead

you've got to be the best
you've got to change the world
and you use this chance to be heard
your time is now

let yourself down
don't let yourself go
your last chance has arrived

Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

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Mini Blog
22/5/09 Creation of
25/5/09 Learning Python [link]
26/5/09 Construction of this mini blog
30/5/09 Creation of
10/6/09 is up and running!
10/7/09 "Break the Bubbles" mini game for Android released!
17/7/09 "BenchmarkPi" benchmarking application for Android released!
19/7/09 started!
20/7/09 redirects here
05/8/09 I made my decisions, I'll take my chances
18/8/09 Break the Bubbles android game and Greek Eortologio for android had a tiny update
19/8/09 had some layout changes and a arrow key navigation feature! (I really love it)
11/9/09 successfully moved
17/9/09 Android WiFi Scanner got a major update to version 1.5!
23/9/09 Screen On application for Android released!
24/9/09 released and is ready to scare you!
27/3/10 HouseMD Quotes and 500 Most Used Passwords applications for android released!
13/5/10 up and running!

I tried to change the world,
but I couldn't find the source code


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