I started programing with q-Basic and Visual Basic 6. Now that I'm a full grown man,
I'm really into programming small (almost) useless programs with:
  • Java (j2se, j2me, j2ee)
  • Android
  • C#
  • MySQL
  • Linux Bash
  • PHP-Ajax
I can handle the following languages as well:
  • xHTML/CSS etc
  • C/C++
  • Visual Basic
  • Qbasic
I love programming applications for mobile devices like cellphones and PDAs
as well as programming network applications and developing web sites.

Check some of the programs I have written at the Projects page

You can check my coding blog named "Code Folds" here.
java java mobile mysql C sharp php debian

I'm also interested in wireless networks.

I joined the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network forum at Jan 05, 2004.
Unfortunately I couldn't set up a wireless node then (because it was so time and money consuming for me), so I took the decision to participate to the local wireless network of the city I would go for my studies.

It was the end of August when I started to search on google if there was a wireless network at Nafpaktos and I found this!

At that forum post there was the description of the wireless connection between Nafpaktos and Patras and the first report of wireless network activity in Nafpaktos. I came in contact with Leonidas and Basilis, the two guys from Nafpaktos and soon I was connected to Nafpaktos Wireless Network.

This led to the creation of which later hosted on my server and became The site still works.

Later, Leonidas and Basilis left for their studies, so NWN was supported by a few student's of the local TEI (Technological Education Institute) of Nafpaktos.

I convinced Thanos and Manos, two of my very close friends to participate in NWN and we spend lots of hours risking our lives trying to search for the best SnR.

I may didn't had the chance to create a big wireless network, with a lot of nodes and lot of users, but I learned a lot about wireless networking and server services and I really had a great time. Thank you guys:)

When I came to Patras, I tried to connect to Patras Wireless Network, but the news wasn't so good. You can check my tiny wireless blog here.

I'm very interested in Google's OS Android.
I own a white G1 :)

I am developing applications for Android that are published to the Android Market. You can check them at the project's page.

I consider myself very lucky I'm working on Android at Bytemobile

I have created and support the Android Greek Developers Community Site at

You can check the Android presentation I gave to Hellug and to PLUG here (in greek)

I love Systems and Network administration especially when it comes to Linux.

I use GNU/Linux Debian as operating system for my PC's.

Check out more here.
My blog about Linux/Debian here.
GNU/Debian website here.

I'm also interested in computer networks, computer and network security, and cryptography.