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My final project
(ok, I'm still developing it, but I can assure you it will be very interesting)...

Java WiiRemarok
Control your Amarok, with your Nintendo Wii remote via bluetooth!

Android WiFi Scanner
A simple scanner for wireless networks for Android

Android BenchmarkPi
WebSite and tool for benchmarking a Android device by calculating the Pi

Android Break the Bubbles
Break the Bubbles as quick as possible! A small and relaxing game.

Android Greek Virtual Keyboard
A Greek virtual keyboard for your Android phone with many features

Android EN US Virtual Keyboard
A EN US virtual keyboard for your Android phone with many features

Java Form Cracker
Form Cracker is a brute force tool for testing security on any kind of http form written in java. The roadmap includes future plans for porting into j2me and android, support of https and other protocols.

Greek Eortologio for Android
Greek Eortologio is an application that shows the current Greek namedays.

Java MD5 Generator/Brute forcer
A MD5 generator / brute forcer wannabe program. There is no roadmap yet.

Java Prime number Checker
Tests if a number is prime. It isn't very special, except the fact that you can check REALLY big numbers. It makes use of the BigInteger Java Class.

Japplet Withdray Calculator
For those who like to bet, this small Japplet, calculates the minimum amount of money you have to bet on a second bet to profit, if you're losing the first one. It is in greek language.

Java Reading Ability Test
Is a program with a simple gui that a wrote for a friend of mine who is teacher. It displays a phrase and gives three possible answer to choose.

Java Garbage Flow
Garbag flow is a simple program that sends random tcp data on a specific port of a machine.

C# SafeMyDevice
SafeMyDevice is a application that checks a machine with icmp pings, and alerts when connection is lost. Wrote it for Nafpaktos Wireless Network as an antitheft tool.

C# Double file checker
Double file checker does exactly what it name says. It checks for double files on your HardDisk. It is one of my very first programming attempts in C# long time ago.

Thrash Bin
Other small, old, incomplete or useless programs

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