Form Cracker

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Download the Latest release here.

To run it, you must have Java's latest version of JRE. You can download it here.

For Debian/Ubuntu you must enable the non-free repositories and install the sun-java6-jre package or download and install this with "dpkg -i file.deb". (take care of the dependencies)

For Fedora/RedHat/rpm based try "yum install java" or download and install the rpm from here (18.65 MB).

For Windows download and install from here (15.67 MB).

For any other linux distribution try installing JRE from your package manager, or download the binaries from here (19.16 MB).

The Form Cracker has been tested on Debian Lenny and Fedora 9.

For bugs, notices, questions, comments and anything else, follow this link.