One of the most common question people ask me, is the origin of my nickname. Where did it came from?
In absolute contrast with the stereotype, I have no problem revealing the hole story, since there is a story, a really interesting one -everybody likes!

Believe it or not (not the Ripley's show at TV) my nickname cames from the past and concretely it came to my mind during my history class!
For the story, mr Michael Ventris with the valuable help of mr J. Chadwick (I will not link him) decrypted the Linear B..
Linear B, is a script that was used for writing Mycenaean, an early form of Greek.It predated the Greek alphabet by several centuries and seems to have died out with the fall of Mycenaean civilization (read more at the previous link).
Decrypting a language such this, seemed really cool to me, so I start liking that Ventris guy. Changing "s" to "x" made his name sound more "tech". That was it!

Ventrix it is.

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I'm studing at T.E.I. of Mesologhi, atCommunication Systems & Networks department of Nafpaktos and I do not lose a single chance to experiment/fight/stay asleep till morning with everything interests me.

I'm working at Bytemobile located at Patras Science Park as a developer for my practical exercise and working on my final project.

My practical exercise ended, Bytemobile offered me a new contract which I signed happily.

Military service in the Greek Army

Historical retrospection
My first unforgettable contact with a personal computer was with a 386 pc at my cousin's home with that incredible black screen with those orange letters. Later some dos games (felix the cat, doom etc) at my best friend Kostas Pentium, were enough to make me abandon my will of becoming a captain or an astronaut.
I decided to own a PC at '96. It was a Pentium I MMX at 200Mhz, with 32mb RAM, 2GB HD, 2 mb GPU, Windows 95 os and a 15' inch NOKIA monitor costing (then) about 1500euros.
Since then, I was spending my free time with PCs, Internet, games and programming.
I came closer with programming through my best's friend cousin, who introduced qbasic to me. The same person helped me later connecting to the Internet withe the legedary x-treme ISP.
I think of my self as lucky that surfed the greek Internet at it first steps. Beginning like this, I led into making the technology way of my life and decided that this was what I really wanted to do professionally for leaving.