UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity

That's the joy of Linux. You scream in pain and agony the first time you do it, and then it's not so bad every time after that.

Short Intro

I use GNU/Linux Debian as operating system for my PC's.
My first steps to linux was at 2002. And it was a total disaster. I used a fresh cd of Mandrake 8.2, which I found in a PC magazine. That magazine also had an article about linux that drew my attention. I successfully installed Mandrake and logged in to a completely new environment. But I faced a lot of problems I couldn't solve, so I returned to Windows. It was too late. Since then I tried a lot of distributions but I was facing several problems. Then I met Grigoris who is a big fun of Debian. He taught me same basic principles and helped me at my first steps. One day I took the decision to completely remove any Windows partition and work only with Debian. Since then, I only use Debian as an operating systems for any PCs I use.

Why Debian

I use Debian because it covers all my needs, and gives me the functionality I want to have over an operating system. It let's me modify it and build it from the scratch. But the thing I really love about Debian is it's social contract.

My Linux Debian Blog

I decided to maintain a blog about Debian and Linux in general.It has over 120 posts with useful tips, tutorials, recommendations and reviews.
You can check it here.

Desktop Enviroments

I use Xfce because it's fast and lightweight and KDE because it's complete.